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In a little while from now 等再過一會兒
If I'm not feeling any less sour 如果不再那麼痛苦
I promise myself, to treat myself 我向自己保證
And visit a nearby town 就近拜訪附近的城鎮
And climbing to the top 爬上最高點
Will throw myself off 好好解放自我
In an effort to, make it clear to who 試著向某人展示
Ever what it's like when you're shattered 一個人在崩潰時 會是如何的悽慘

Left standing in the lurch, at a church 晃神地獃在教堂
Where people saying, my God "天啊!" 裡面的人說
That's tough, she stood him up "太慘了! 他被放了鴿子!"
No point in us remaining 没什麼好說的
We may as well go home 還是回家去吧
As I did on my own 就如過去一樣
Alone again, naturally 自然而然地 再次孤獨

To think that only yesterday 想起就在昨天
I was cheerful, bright and gay 沒有人像我還滿心歡喜 雀躍地
Looking forward to, well who wouldn't do這樣傻傻地期待著什麼
The role I was about to play 想當擔起什麼角色
But as if to knock me down 但是如今 一切彷彿要把我擊倒

Reality came around 事實已經發生
And without so much, as a mere touch 這麼輕輕一碰
Cut me into little pieces 就將我整個粉碎
Leaving me to doubt, talk about 留下疑惑的我 還在探討
God and his mercy 神和他的仁慈是否存在?
Though if he really does exist 就算真的存在
Why did he desert me 為什麼他要離我而去
In my hour of need, I truly am indeed在我最需要帮助的時候
Alone again, naturally 自然而然地 再次孤獨

It seems to me that there are more hearts也許這世上 還有許多破碎的心
Broken in the world, that can't be mended Left unattended 被人遺棄 無法修復
What do we do? What do we do? 我們還能怎麼辦?

Alone again, nartually 自然而然地 再度孤獨

剛看完電影「冰原歷險記3:恐龍現身(Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs)」發現這首曲子蠻好聽,就在網路上找來分享一下,想不到仔細一看歌詞,原以為浪漫戀愛的曲調竟帶著如此灰暗的字義,還蠻符合主角最後人財兩失的fu.....

趁人之危卯起來拍了幾張照片,帥哥街頭photo公主病在遇到憂鬱小王子時,也豁然痊癒:p,年少俊美初嘗愁滋味的人兒配上巴黎西堤島古老的市街美景, 這可是苦中作樂的另一種情境詮釋? 瞬間,憂傷的歌也跟著輕盈了起來.....

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PS:照片攝於塞納河上, 凱莉跟Mr.Big在巴黎重逢的藝術橋.學生與戀人最愛酒逢知己千杯少的picnic地.....

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